Show Stories 2

Hi guys!

Sorry I have not written in a few days!

I have been pretty busy with work, catching up in school, show prep, etc.

Well, as I was saying in my last post, we co-hosted our next show. Basically, instead of sitting around doing nothing until our ride, we got to hold the horses that were waiting for there turn, led horses to and from the stable, and helped the riders mount/dismount. (The downside was, we also had to clean the bleachers after the show. YUCK!! I am not a wimp when it comes to things like that, but picking up dirt-covered, soda and saliva drenched nacho’s that were shoved under the bleachers so that you had to lay on the bleachers, in your show clothes, and lean so that you could barely be seen you were so far  under them, and pick them up one by one was pretty gross!)

When it was my turn, I drew a big, HUGE, American Spotted Draft mare. This mare was a very nice mare (as long as you didn’t stand right behind her, she kicks.), but because she is a draft mare she is very lazy if you don’t ride her right. Only one other person even placed on her (in about 10 rides), and that person had been riding for years. (To top it off, she was before me IN MY CLASS and rode her perfectly!) We were a little worried, but I had a great ride! For every other rider-other than the one right before me-she broke into a trot over at least one jump, if not more. In my warm-up course she broke over the second jump, but that doesn’t count against me. I then started on my course, and everything was perfect, I got all of my leads, my only mistake was I didn’t have enough leg on her over the third jump and she bobbled.(In this case, all that that means is that instead of jumping, she just kind of hopped over it like a ground pole.) I Loved Her!!!

Then, for my flat class, I drew a bay quarter horse mare. My bad luck is OVER! See, we had our boot camp at this stable, and I had ridden her for THREE HOURS when I was there!                                        

Now, this was months ago, and she had changed ALOT since then, but at least I kind of new her! Now, the judge, she must have REALLY, REALLY, REALLY liked me, because I got a wrong lead and I STILL placed fifth!!!!! I cannot wait for the show this weekend, because 1, I am riding 150% better than last time I was here at AOA, and 2, I can redeem myself from my ride on the little white pony! (AOA is where I had that show. You know, the one that I posted the first video on?) 

Now, the only thing is that there is a possibility (It is about 100/1, but still, it has happened before) that I will draw that pony again.(Shudder) 

I’ll write again soon!


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