New Show Story

Well, if you know me, you probably know that in my horse shows 2 of my biggest threats are Pierre and Pepe.(They are brothers.) Pierre has been to the nationals at least once, has been riding for years, and shows on the A circuit every year. His little brother, Pepe, is starting to take after him in riding, and has also been riding for years.

They both had the home-field advantage at this last show. They are part of the AOA equestrian team, so they know and have ridden all of these horses.

In my jumping class, I got 5th!!!!(Pierre & Pepe weren’t in my class this time.) I drew a flee-speckled grey pony(Not Horse), and had a blast! The only problem with my ride (and it was a BIG one) – my horse broke the canter between jumps one and two. Now, two things led to this. The first is that he decided to poop between the jumps, and slowed down. The second, I did not have quite enough leg on him. But everything else, including my sitting trot, went perfectly.

In my flat class, I GOT 4TH!!!!!!! (This time both Pierre and Pepe were in my class!)

I drew a horse named Visa this time. Visa is a little, slow, funny looking horse. (He can be fast or slow, if you carry a crop or cluck he goes to fast, and if you don’t, he goes to slow.) I really liked this horse, and the judge really liked me. Holly said that there was NO WAY that I could have beet the 3 riders in front of me, no matter what I did.(They were all seasoned pro’s that were at least as good as Pierre.) Pierre came in 1st (as usual), but I beet Pepe!!!!

It was AWSOME!!!!!

I’ll write again soon!


One thought on “New Show Story

  1. Grandma Marlee says:

    Well, I may be just slightly prejudiced………but I thought you looked great. And the thing I love the most, is I can tell you are having a great time. Winning is a wonderful thing. However, the real rewards come in striving to do your best every time you undertake a challenge and learning to get up every time you fall down. You will be fine because you always have the Lord on your side.

    I really love the nervous mom commentary! Please post more of these. I feel like I am there.

    Thank you for sharing.

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