“Honey, I’m Home!”

I forgot how much fun PA can be!

I don’t know how we did it, but we fit 3 weeks worth (Or more) into 5 days! We went to 3 barns, (all more than once), watched some Parelli, did some Parelli with Mikey (the horse she leases), Helped out at Thorncroft (the theraputic barn that she rides at. You don’t have to be disabled to ride there.), rode ex-racehorses at Jill Wilcox’s* wonderful 100 acre racehorse rehabilitation farm, watched a horse chiropractor at work, then learned how to spin yarn. It was really fun! I will talk more asap, but it is getting pretty late and my mom wants to use her laptop.(I have a desktop in my room, but I use hers alot because I like to blog around my family, and while I’m watching TV.)


* Jill Wilcox is a 77 year old lady that founded Dressage at Devon. She taught O.K.’s old trainer, but after years of riding realized that cruel bits and gadgets was not the way to ride. Now she teaches old-fashioned dressage, without a saddle or bridle. She also retrains and rehabilitates ex-racehorses. She has over 65 years of experiance, and O.K. and I have already learned a TON from her.(and I have only seen her once!) 


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