Happy New Year!!

Hey everybody!

I hope you have all enjoyed the holiday season!

As 2008 comes to an end, we have an opportunity to look back on all of the new memories that will, for the rest of your life, be assigned to this year. You have the new memories for all of America, such as Obama being elected, a woman running for president, the high gas prices, the crash in the stock market, etc.

Then you have the personal memories, some of mine would be moving to Ohio, saying goodbye to old friends (for now, at least) and hello to new, the trips, the riding, my job, joining the Equestrian team, the shows, and everything else.

We are starting a new year, by the grace of God, and we have an all new oportunity to give our lives to Him. This is a new year! Let us rejoise and be glad in it!

Now, I gotta go, the boys are trying to kill each other and I have to brake them up. (Dad’s off buying meet to smoke, Mom’s off at Giant Eagle trying to find some seasonings, and my Grandparents are dropping my cousin, Jason, off at work. I feel kinda bad for the guy, having to work on New Years Eve.)


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