Best Ride EVER!!!

And I thought falling off was a bad thing!!! I think that God sent that fall at just the right time. I thought it was an accident, but God knew what He was doeing, as He always does. He let me fall off that pony so that I would wake up and ride. First, I rode Sammy’s horse. We have to either lunge her (where we put her on a long line attached to her bridle or halter and let her walk, trot, canter, and buck in a circle around us until she is calm enough for the younger beginners to ride) or I have to school (or train her down) every Tuesday & Saturday. This is usually quite a task, because she is full of oats and will buck or try to take off. Instead of struggling like I usually do, I kept control of her and had a really nice ride! (Once she has had her run, she is an extremly comfortable and well trained horse.) Then, I rode our old chestnut quarter horse ( I believe I prieviously called him a sour-puss). Instead of having a frustrating, exhusting ride like I usually do on him, I had my best ride on him EVER!!! I got him to respond to all of my cues, and even got him to trot without popping his shoulder! (When someone says that a horse “popped his shoulder”, it means that he turned his head in the direction you told him to, but kept his body moving the same direction. In this case, he tries to go into the center of the arena, and when I trie to correct him, he just turns his head.) Then, I rode our big, white, spooky horse. Most people shiver at the thought. I have only ridden him about 4 times. He is scared of EVERYTHING! (He even spooks at his own shadow!!!!) He tried to dump me about 10 times, but I stayed on, and kept him going. My instructor and Mr. Ned would not stop talking about how well I was riding! My instructor is not very big on compliments, but she was just handing them out for the rest of the night! She said that she ” couldn’t believe it was you, I thought it was a profesional up there.”, that I was at “100%”, and that “you have arrived”!!!!!

I could not believe it! One time while we were cantering, we came parralel with a window that had a glare on it. He had been going at just the right speed, when he stopped, dead in his tracks, staring at the window. I somehow anticipated it, and he was stopped for no more than about 1 second before I had him going at exactly the same speed. I didn’t come over his shoulder like most people with my experiance would, I stayed on and kept him going.


Uh-oh, gotta go! Mom and Dad are home from caregroup, and I need to help Mom get the boys in bed.


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