Hey Peoples!

I am soooooooo sorry its taken me so long to write! (I guess I got my mom’s blog genes! lol)

It has been pretty busy around here. I have been watching the boys, doing school, going to horse shows, working at the barn, memorizing dressage tests, etc.

So, let me get you up to date. My friends at the church and I have been doing a bible study group. We memorize different passages from scripture every week, then say them out loud to each other while someone else reads along w/ you in your bible to check your work. Right now, we are memorizing the beatitudes.

This month is dressage month at the barn. We are learning dressage moves and tests, then, at the end of this month, we will have a show at our barn, kind of like a recital.

Two of our team members made it to zone finals (zones for short). One of them almost didn’t make it through regionals. The judge didn’t see another rider brake his canter, and it knocked her out of the zones. (Only the top five from each class make it through, and the one that broke his canter came in 5th. She came in 6th. If the judge had seen the other guy brake the canter, he wouldn’t have placed at all.) Then, about a week before zones, the girl in front of her decided to pull out, and she made it in anyways! (the zones are tomorrow.)

I had to take this week off from the barn because I injured my hand. I have loose joints, which means that the ligaments in my joints are loose and relaxed. So relaxed, in fact, that my joints will sometimes pop out of place and back in. When this happens, all of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc around that area become enflamed. It feels like a sprain. This happened to my right wrist, so I couldn’t even write for almost a week, much less ride, lead horses, carry saddles/groom boxes, etc, etc, etc.

I have been reading a book called “Disciplines for Life” written by CJ Mahaney, and it is VERY good.

I will write more soon, but (as usual) I am watching the boys. (David is trying to take a shower by himself, but he can’t find the soap.) 

God Bless!