Wow. Hehe whoops!

Hey guys.

I am sooooooooooooooooooo sorry its been so long. I thought I had posted on here that I have a new blog that I will be posting to more often, but I must not have. So, I will try  to fill you in a little tiny bit.

We have been very busy lately for a number of reasons. One being that I GOT MY FIRST HORSE! I wont tell you too much about him, because my other blog is all about him, but I cannot resist telling you a little bit. He was given to me by a friends dad who owns racehorses. He is right off the track, but is SO SWEET, and has an awesome personality. For more info and videos/pictures, you can visit my other blog at

The next reason is that my dad was just layed off last month, and we are buying an ice cream shop called Zack’s. It is currently just an ice cream and frozen yogurt shop in downtown Akron, but we are going to change the name from Zack’s Famous Frozen Yogurt to Zack’s Fire and Ice, as well as add BBQ to the menu. I started training there last week, and it is pretty fun. I will be working there ALOT once we officially take over April 1.

I am now too exhausted to even think of what the other things that have made me so busy are because I was working at the barn all day.

I will definitely try to do a better job of keeping up this blog. I AM SO SORRY!

God Bless,