Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe……What a Day!

Okay, so first thing is first. I know I promised I would try to post EVERY Wednesday, and I failed last week.

My excuse? I no longer have Wednesdays off. I won’t go into detail, but that’s the gist of it.

Anyways, I will still try to post at least once a week. = )

So. My school books FINALLY came in yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to dive in. One book that caught my eye was “101 Great American Poems” published by The American Poetry & Literacy Project. I am already about 16-20 weeks ahead!

When looking at my lesson plan for the year, I realized that they only had me reading 1-2 poems A WEEK! I told my mom “Um, how bout I go through the whole book in one day and do the tests tomorrow?” haha I REALLY like my Literature stuff. So far, my Fav’s would have to be Emily Dickinson’s “If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking”, “My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close”, “There Is No Frigate Like A Book”, and “This Is My Letter To The World”.

After that would be Walt Whitman’s “O Captain! My Captain!”, followed closely by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”.

Work was very slow today, so I was able to read a lot. Which was awesome. I also wrote a poem last night, before reading these. I thought it came out pretty well. I typically write more Free Form type poems, somewhat like Walt Whitman. But This year I really want to experiment more with the traditional form of poetry, where you can easily find the ryhme and rythem in them. This was my first attempt.

Its happening again,

I’m so sick of this trend,

Where nothing else remains,

Just me, God and my pain.

The weather, dark and stormy

Reflects my heart so full of fury,

Why is it always me?

But could it be?

Could God bring good of this maybe?

I’ve built a shell,

A shell to keep me well,

A shell to hide the pain,

A shell to make me look free again.

I’ve built a mask,

Now quite a task,

To hide my feelings,

As though sealing

Up my thoughts at last,

into my mask that’s holding fast.

I’ve built a wall,

A wall so tall,

To keep all out,

And my heart from traveling ‘bout.

But these objects I have built,

to hide away my wilt,

have become to me a prison cell,

always making me look well.

And now they finally crack,

The will to hold them up I lack,

But then the unthinkable occurs,

Someone makes me lift my anchor,

And suddenly I’m out at sea,

The place I’d always been but never wanted to be.

I struggle through the gale,

But on my own strength what can I do but fail?

I need a hand, a sturdy hand,

To pull me, help me back to land,

I need a hand to wipe my tears,

Someone to calm my fears.

Maybe someday I will find rest,

Fellowship with friends is best,

But there is one thing even greater,

One being who is always braver.

This one man,

Who carried out our father’s plan,

Has saved us all,

Once and for all,

And through His gruesome death,

His ragged, broken, final breath,

I know I always will find rest,

Even through every test,

If I hide within the shadow of his wings,

And let Him hold all my heartstrings.

That’s all I got for today! Check my all new “Poem Page” for some of my favorite poems, written by both me and others. It is still a work in progress, so watch for updates!

I will also be trying to post more on my horse’s blog at http://www.ahorsenamedmoose.wordpress.com over the next couple months.

Till next time,



Me, Myself, and I

So, lately I have gotten really into writing. Poems are usually my favorite, especially free verse, because you can be so detailed and yet so abstract at the same time. I love making an image in your head, without telling you what it is. But I am also working on a book (53 pages in 2 weeks! lol). Anyways, one of my favorite things to do that makes my friends laugh is pretend that I have MPD, or Multiple Personality Disorder. I once made a friend laugh so hard that she said (between fits of laughter) “you should just trash the book and publish this!”

That comment inspired me, and this is what became of it:                                                          Me myself and I.

Or myself, I, and me.

No, I, me and myself.

No, none.

Only me.

No me.

No me!

What are you all doing here?

It’s my head.

No mine.

No, mine!

Where did you come from?

What do you mean?

I am you!

No, you are me!

I am me, there is no one else!

But I am here!

And so am I!

What is going on?

I don’t know.

I do!

Well then what is it?

Your crazy as a loon.

Well, If I am, you must be too.

Fine, then myself, me, and I are crazy.

No, just me.

Just myself.

Just I.

But I thought I was I!

Well, so did I.


This makes no sense!

Where did my pancakes go?

What pancakes?


I thought they were myself’s.

Well, now their I’s.

Wait, what? We are one, there is no I or myself, only me.

Then what about us?

You are me!

No, I’m myself.

And I’m I.

No, It’s just Me, Myself, and I.

Which is all me.

Then what are we?

You are me.

But where did we come from?

Who knows?

You already said it, I’m a loon.

Maybe myself and I came from,

Well, me and my brain.

But who’s this brain person?


I must be dumber than I thought.


And on that note, I bid thee adiu,

For I would not want to rub off on you.

Or me, myself, or I.

Yes, I was bored. Laugh all you want. Haha


Life is a Blur

Hello all.

Is there an echo in here? I know that every post has begun with “I’m so sorry it’s been so long…” and guess what? I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post! Life, as the header states, really has been a blur. There is a reason I state at the top of my blog “A pastor’s daughter in a life of changes.”

A ton has happened since I last posted. If you want to hear some, take a look at my about me page. I’ve made a couple changes. I am working about 45-50 hours a week at Zack’s, training my horse, trying to keep up with school, writing my book, and trying to fit in family time. I’m pretty much home only for sleep and school, so of course I haven’t had time to blog much.

I will try to be more faithful though, and it looks like I can finally take Wednesdays off. Therefore, I will try to post something every Wednesday, but I’m not making any promises.

Until later, God Bless!