Catching up… As Usual

Well…*groan* Here we go again. I know I’ve said this before, and at the end of the day I’ll more than likely end up saying it again. Sorry for the long delay, life has been crazy, yadda yadda yadda. You’ve heard it all before.

Again, life has reached an all new level of craziness. I am now working a full-time job, taking my Junior year of high school along with some extra classes, writing for the school newspaper, writing for the barn newsletter, trying to take care of my Moosey boy, and recovering from a pretty bad injury of my left thumb. Did I mention I was busy? haha

This Summer has been rather disappointing, filled with a variety of twists and turns. (*CueRandomTangent* did you know that “via” is actually the Latin word for “street” and is pronounced “wee-ah”? Deep stuff…)

Anyways, the first four weeks of summer, I messed up my right wrist(yes, she did it again). I was unable to work my horse, and it was very hard to write or drive. When I finally got out of the wrist brace, I had just under a week that I was able to ride. Due to work and time constraints, I only rode twice that week, and only once outside. That Saturday… Just an hour before I was to go ride again… I was sharpening a knife. If you know me, you know where this is going. Knife slips, lacerated tendon, stitches, surgery (by the way, nerve blocks from the collarbone down are fun… I highly suggest getting your friends in on the act and testing out how little you can feel. Tons of fun at parties! #dontlistentoawordshesays), three months of physical therapy, and ta-da! I can ride in another two weeks. *thud*

Of course, Youth Camp 2011 fell into that time frame somewhere. It was amazing, as always. I really recommend an in-depth study of Psalm 42-43… Great stuff. Unfortunately, Youth Camp was a bit of a downer personally. While I was very happy I got to go and still count it a highlight of my year, imagine the dropping of my heart to the depths of despair when I was told, just 2 days prior, that because of my hand I would not be permitted to play the games. Oh cruel fate! #yesIambeingoverlydramatictoday #getoverit Fellowship, prayer, worship, sweat, heat, rain, lots of time for Bible study and focus… *sigh* yes, God was with us again this year. (Not to imply He ever isn’t! He’s ALWAYS there, but the evidence of His presence is always more evident in that environment.)

Now, some of you may be thinking, “Where are the pictures? We must have evidence of this tragical kitchen incident!” Well, the answer is, I am not posting any. I have some, and they’re pretty nasty ones. Which is why they will not go up on the internet. Too graphic for certain audiences. #beveryafraid

You have probably been thinking, “Hmm… Is it just me or does she seem extremely hyper today?” Yes, I am hyper. This would be called sleep deprivation being treated with high doses of caffeine from various sources. Oh! Various! What a fun word! Say it with me… VA-RI-OUS! Isn’t it fun???? #Imnotcrazy #Ijusthaveabadcaseofdenial

Soooo… Yep! That’s it for tonight. I don’t want to scare anyone or anything. #toolate

Keep your eyes open for some new poems, and possibly a surprise new page! #didsomeonesayshortstories? #youdidntseeanything #shhhhhhh!

(N.B. Did you notice the new name? Don’t be afraid… I don’t bite! It’s still the same old CrossCountryGal, just going by a new name these days. There is a story behind this one as well… But that’s a different story, best saved for a rainy day. Speaking of which… WILL IT EVER STOP RAINING??)

Yours Truly,