Coffee Overload Week

Contrary to popular belief, YES I am still alive! This surprises me as much as it does you. And yes, I am going to ramble tonight as it has been, as the title of this post so clearly states, “Coffee Overload Week”.

First, may I just say that OGT’s are straight from the fiery abyss? Five long days, beginning with early mornings sitting in a room full of strangers as silent as the plague and ending with late night test prep or homework is what awaits any home schooled high school student here in Ohio. Oh, and we mustn’t forget the constant rain… and cold… all week long.

For our second order of entirely unimportant business, I hate math, math tests, geometry teachers, and migraines. Yes, migraines fit quite well with that group, especially when the first three are multiplied and shoved into the same day. But I’m sure no one wants to hear the boring tale of my math-wriddled day, right? Moving on.

In addition to this already stuffed week, my Moosy-Goofy-Goober-Boy cut his leg *again*. Love ya Goofy, but we’ve really got to get past this never-ending season of constant injury between you and I, okay? Thanks for stopping before it was stitch-worthy, but let’s not cut it so close next time, please? *Thud*

Okay, I know I must be boring you, my poor innocent readers, as I myself am yawning. I apologize for these exhaustion rants of late. But I shall leave you with one last thought… Or, rather, link! Yes, my little yawning-yahoos! The first issue of “The Cardinal Chirp” has been… eh…. Printed? I’ll have to think over that one. Anyways, enjoy!


(P.S. Check out the awesome new Short Story page!)


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