Busy Busy Busy

As usual, I have ignored my poor blog for too long. The good news? It hasn’t been as long as usual! #shesgettingthere

So, since I last posted here I have written 3 more articles for the Chirp, been elected President of the OHVA NE Region Student Council, lived through a 10 day long migraine, wrote an argument on why suffering is a good thing, and many other things that I don’t have the time to go into. All in all I’m doing well, although freaking out a bit about tomorrow. Getting my hand looked at (AGAIN) for a possible bone chip that is driving me nuts, lots of school, AND starting driving school at night. Wish me luck!

One thought to leave you with, fellow Ohioans:

The first great fall of glimmering white

Has many hearts filled with delight…

But now we must remember how it goes,

In a month you’ll all cry “stop it!” when it snows!

At that, I must bid you adieu (cue the Sound of Music soundtrack…), for I have 2 articles to work on and tests to study for.