30 Day Poetry Challenge

Wow. Has it really been so long since I’ve posted? Of course it has. One of my many excuses this time is the horrid case of writer’s block that has haunted me the past month and a half, but I am VERY happy to report that I have at least recovered from this awful illness, and I’m getting back on track. I am once again promising myself that I will kick it into gear, pull on my blogger’s cap, and get on here more often… though probably not as often as I would hope due to my current work load.

Since I last posted, much has occurred, including said case of the sickness all writers dread, an amazing 4 day vacation to see an awesome old friend and enjoy our annual outing to the Horse World Expo, my family has changed churches, second semester is well on its way at OHVA and is going superbly well, Moose is enjoying some light works and lots of grooming, and probably a couple hundred other things I’m forgetting in my current state of exhaustion.

As for writing, I recently posted some new poems and short stories. I have put out about 7 new articles for OHVA’s “The Cardinal Chirp”, and I’m on the lookout for my next topic in the literary beat. I have also been enjoying a couple of writing challenges with my friends, one of which I will most likely be posting  lot about over the next few weeks.

You may have guessed that the challenge to which I am referring to is the “30 Day Poetry Challenge” so aptly mentioned in the title of this post. A fellow creative writer and lover of poetry shared this with OHVA’s creative writing club, and a few of us have been participating. In this challenge, we are given some kind of prompt for a poem, often just a set of guidelines, every day. While many are not exceedingly hard, the real challenge of this is to remain consistent, and turn out a poem each day. We are on day nine, and I decided that to help me get back onto my wonderful little blog here I will begin posting each day’s challenge and the poem to go along with it. I hope to have all 9 posted by the end of the night, and will do my best to keep it up each night.

If you wish to take the 30 Day Poetry Challenge, you can find all 30 days at this address: http://heckyeahtumblrchallenges.tumblr.com/post/7749383257/30-day-poetry-challenge

I would love to read anything you may write for this… I feel like my posts can get so very dry sometimes, and I love hearing from my little audience!

Happy Writing!



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