Poetry Challenge Day 4

Day four was fun, but thanks to a recent article of mine, not much of a challenge. The prompt? Write a haiku on your topic of choice. Now, haiku is by no means my forte. I often would highly prefer free form. But, when I do turn my focus to haiku, I tend to fall into a pattern. No matter what I go into it thinking about, the short poem always turns out to be about either my awesome, indescribable God, or some aspect of one of His greatest creations, the horse. Most often they are about my relationship or experience with one or the other. This one, however, could be aimed at either.

The object of my soul
My heart is forever yours
Tender is your care

They’re halfway down the backside, and still the Cross Country Rattler is coming strong! She’s second by a neck! But can she hold on? There’s still a lot of track left and time is running low!

Okay, I’m done with my racetrack announcer kick. Don’t you judge me! We all know how easily distracted my train of thought can be, I have to do something to reign it in!



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