Poetry Challenge Day 6

In light of the challenges of day 5, day 6 felt like a walk in the park. Our marching orders were to write a poem of any length, incorporating every word from your last Facebook status. At that time, my last status was: “good feeling’s gone.” (yes, I quoted Finding Nemo. Get over it!) I wasn’t extremely happy with the final product, but alas, when am I ever?

What good is it to be with one?
What could my feelings mean to anyone?
I’ve been stabbed each time I’ve opened my heart,
Their painful words tore me all apart,
And when once more I tried to love,
I received only back a cold shoulder’s shove.
I fear any now that rise up above,
Hold out their hand as if unaware of
The open soars in my chest and my mind.
Every time they arrive when I’m hiding behind,
And I strain to hold back my friendly nature bereft,
But I always give in when no strength I have left
And I reach out my hand looking just for a friend,
But I always end up all alone in the end.
I look to the left, to the right, to the sky,
But there’s not a soul left, they’re all gone, goodbye.
So now I withdraw into my shell all alone,
Hiding my light, the light that once shone.
It lit up my eyes and showed me the path,
But now I can see it only lead me to wrath.
I see that my own light has only lead wrong,
And I guess it’s a wonder it’s taken so long.
Trusting my own light can only cause scars,
While following THE Light removes all my mars!
He takes them Himself, see His hands and His feet?
And out of love for me His poor back was beat!
I praise the Lord for the trials He brings me,
For now I know all alone I never will be.
I may go through trials, and fire, and pain,
But it all brings me closer to my cover from rain,
And even though storms wet skin and clothes,
They serve to show me that God only knows.

Only 3 left for tonight! I may finish this after all!



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