Poetry Challenge Day 9

Well, that didn’t turn out as I’d hoped. I lost access to a computer the other night and was unable to finish, and could not finish last night because I was writing a paper for Latin class until midnight, then cramming for midterms today. But, I have about 5 minutes between classes, and I am using them to post day nine. On day 9, our challenge was to quickly write the first 4 verbs, adjectives, and nouns that came to mind, and then use all 12 of these words in a poem on any topic, of any length.

My words were as follows:

Verbs: Running, walk, burning, dance
Adjectives: Yellow, blazing, quickly, stunning
Nouns: Sheet, pen, star, wind

Blazing, running, coursing,
Stunning, wandering, flickering,
My pen dances across the page,
The burning passions of my heart
Poured out on a plain white sheet,
The roaring wind of emotions
Ripping through me, flowing quickly
From the inkwell of my pen
Slowly dousing out the yellow flames,
Bringing my racing heart back to a walk,
Calming my mind until at last I breath,
Look up to the stars,
Take in the sights and sounds around me,
All again is peaceful and calm…
And all for the grace of a pen.

Keep a weathered eye on this horizon… I plan on posting days 10 and 11 today as well! As usual, all criticism is warmly welcomed, and I would love to see anything you’ve written for the 30 Day challenge!



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