Poetry Challenge Day 11

Yesterday was day eleven… And for once I was actually pleased by how the poem turned out! Our only guideline was to write a list poem. I had never done one before, but I may have to do them more often now. That was fun.

What is love?
Love is the smell of rain at dawn,
Love is lightening shattering the sky,
Love is the wind whistling through the trees,
Love is a warm hand inside your own,
Love is a life held close, not alone,
Love is blood, sweat, and tears in a word,
Love is forgiving, it lays down it’s sword,
Love is unfailing, it never gives out,
Love is self-denying, even in doubt,
Love is the straps on his back meant for me,
Love is the nails in his hands, in his feet,
Love is the one that died on the tree,
Love is he the world cursed in the street,
Love is he that has set me free,
Love is here, because he’s with me.  

Well folks, that’s it for tonight. Maybe I can finally get caught up tomorrow.


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