Poetry Challenge Day 13

It’s a miracle! Your Rattler has actually pulled through this time… And got you all caught up! Now let’s see if she can keep it that way. Day 13’s challenge was to write a short poem that a child would like. My youngest brother is learning to play drums, so I suppose that’s where this came from.

Thump-idy, thump-idy, thump-idy, thump,
Sounds like a car driving over some bumps,
Thump-idy, thump-idy, thump-idy, thump,
Why does the car drive over those bumps?
Thump-idy, thump-idy, thump-idy, thump,
All my head can think is bump, bump, bump,
Thump-idy, thump-idy, thump-idy, thump,
It sounds like my drums, that thump-idy thump,
Thump-idy, thump-idy, thump-idy, thump,
By golly, it is their thump-idy thump, thump!
Thump-idy, thump-idy, thump-idy, thump!

Well, goodnight all! As always, I would love to get critique from you, and would be delighted to read whatever you may have written for this challenge!


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