Poetry Challenge Day 19

Well, we all knew my new-found consistency wouldn’t last forever. Yesterday was crazy busy, and I’m just now getting to post again! But,alas! I hath kept up with my challenge! For day 19, we were to imagine a household task or chore, then write a poem comparing it to the writing process. I chose taking out the trash. I didn’t like how the poem turned out, but I may have to revisit this as a later post! There is actually a good allegory in here, I just didn’t bring it out in this poem very well.

Trash litters every corner of my house,
Scattered everywhere around and about,
So I bag it all up and take it all out. 
There’s so much space for it to cover
That not until it’s together do you discover
The full damage, and great stench to smother. 
Once it’s finally gathered up,
You can’t take anymore,
So you shove it out the door,
Praying you’ll be the next pickup. 

I write when my heart is full of emotions,
Sins, conflicts, not-so-honorable mentions,
When my body is wracked by too many tensions. 
I take up my pen and white paper sheets,
Dirty the white with my rebellious fetes,
So that clearly their stench my eye meets. 
I put them down in rhythm and rhyme,
Lay it out to make sense of,
Let God’s truth ring out in love,
Trust my trash to Him at His perfect time.



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