Poetry Challenge Day 20

Wow. It’s hard to believe I’ve made it through 20 days of poems! I’ve had so much fun, and pray I have time to go through with the last ten! Today, we had to write a narrative poem about a specific childhood memory. I chose the day I met one of my very best friends, who would murderize me if I posted her name online. God clearly had our meeting worked out long beforehand, had our whole, long, beautiful friendship orchestrated. This is just a small glimpse of the beautiful first notes of His masterpiece.

A quick day trip was all we’d planned,
We’d drive around, check out the land. 
Nobody noticed how quickly time flew, 
We couldn’t go home, our options were few. 
We called up the church, hoping maybe, by chance,
They had some long list of hosting contacts. 
They said they did, told us where to steer,
So clearly, you see, God wanted me here. 
I leapt from the car and skipped down the lane,
Right to your door, peeked in the windowpane. 
Then and there our eyes locked firmly together,
We felt something special, knew we’d be best friends forever.
And so it was our dear relationship started,
All because of a drive in which time was retarded.

I hope you enjoyed! As usual, criticism is encouraged!


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