Poetry Challenge Day 21

I have two words for you before I begin. SPRING BREAK! Do I hear the Chorus Hallelujah? I plan on three things this glorious week… working, writing, and riding. This shall be a wonderful week! (Assuming this headache ever goes away.)

Now, moving on to today’s order of business. It is day 21 of the 30 day poetry challenge. The prompt was to take a poem you’ve already written for any day so far in this challenge, and rearrange it. Move lines, flip words, reorder stanzas, whatever you want. Basically, make a big puzzle out of your own words. Here’s what I came up with, using Day seventeen’s poem.

A rhythm, a beat, a glorious rhyme,

Soaring, flying, both together as one,

Two hearts, merged, pound out the time,

We eat up the ground, give in and run.

There is one thing words will never describe,

And that is the horse, with a girl by his side.

That’s all for today, folks! Have a glorious, sun-filled afternoon!



2 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge Day 21

  1. Fantastic! Brava! Now, hopefully you’ve had time to go and gather more materials for more poems as you work, ride, and write!

    • Rattler says:

      Thanks!! Haha well, I’m thinking about writing about when face meets dirt… Or pain… I took a bit of a tumble off my horse last night xD

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