Poetry Challenge Day 22

What a crazy week! My apologies for my the days I’ve missed! I am hoping to be caught up tonight. I’ve been writing my poem each day… but between a second writing challenge I’m currently in the midst of, recovering from an injury sustained falling off my horse Monday night that made it hard to use my left arm even for typing, an obsession with Catching Fire (for those of you smart enough to keep from getting caught up in this amazingness, this is the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy. Suzanne Collins, I tip my hat to thee!), work, lack of access to a computer, and various other excuses, I have not had time to post them. Assuming I maintain access to this laptop long enough, I will have days 22-25 posted tonight.

For day 22, the challenge was to write a poem about the first car you owned/drove/remember. Now, what many people don’t know about me is that my only “irrational” fear is cars. I hate them. I can honestly say that I’d rather people still traveled by horse. Why? Five years in New York City, nearly being crushed by an 18 wheeler, a couple white-knuckle drives through blizzards, and a car flipping end over end 8-10 times coming right toward you and almost crossing the median right in front of you is quite enough for this Arizona girl. Besides this, with my vision, it can be downright dangerous. When you’re on a horse, as long as you’re strong enough to stay on, it doesn’t matter what happens. The horse wont ram itself full-speed ahead into the wall. When you’re driving a car, blinking your eyes for just a moment could mean careening into a median at 65 mph because the car doesn’t have a mind of its own. So really, it’s not so much an irrational fear as it is a well thought out terror. But alas, the days of riding a horse to work are over and done. A car is a necessity, especially when you do have a horse to care for, and he lives 15 miles away. But now, before I stroll into yet another tangent, I give you my poem. I suppose it is more about the conflicting emotions I feel about the car I drive, but I kind of liked it so I’m just rolling with it.

Metal glimmers in the sun,
Many say it’s freedom won,
But to me, it is a trap in itself,
A deathtrap modeled off the shelf,
The object of my greatest fear,
But for what I love, I must keep it near.



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