Poetry Challenge Day 23

Speed. I am speed. Why am I whispering to myself? It’s called motivation. But isn’t this a little… unusual? No, of course not. Tons of people do it! Do what? Talk to themselves. Well, yeah, but most of them are wearing a straight jacket and locked in a giant, spongy room. Okay, okay, you have a point. But you’re a writer, so you can get away with it! How so? Write it down and call it dialogue! Oh yeah… Wait… Isn’t that what all of us do? SHH! People are listening! You’re giving away the best-kept secret of writing history! Mere commoners are never to know the truth of our insanity!

….. Oh hi! I didn’t see you there! I was just… uhm… talking to my friends! … On the phone! … Like a normal person! … Which is what I am! But enough about me! Let’s get on with the challenge, shall we? On day 23, we were to write a seven line poem beginning with “it’s true that fresh air is good for the body” (from Frank O’Hara’s poem “Ave Maria”) and ending with “this is our body” (from Gary Snyder’s “The Bath”).

It’s true that fresh air is good for the body,
A cleansing blast that cleanses the mind,
But there is one thing my soul hungers for,
Something important mere wind can’t provide.
Only His Spirit can fill my cold heart,
Only His hands can open its doors,
Only His love can enter, for this is our body.

I would be lying if I said I was happy with it… But at least I got it down on paper. I’ve never made it this far into a challenge like this and remained consistent, so I’m just happy I had anything to post!



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