Poetry Challenge Day 25

Can it be? Have I really reached my goal for the night? Why yes, yes it’s true! I will actually follow through for once and get my poor, often neglected readers up to date! Today’s challenge was to write a poem including the words pistachio, ink, pebble, weather, and varnish.

Well, my dear friends, writer’s block has me again,
Everything’s in its clutches, even the ink for my pen.
I’ve searched rabidly for my sunflower seeds to nibble,
But find just a single pistachio, it’s the size of a pebble!
This is very tragic to me, though you may not know why.
But you see, sunflower seeds kiss bad weather goodbye,
And to me, the the only bad weather is a blocked out sky.
“I’ll use these small seeds as a weapon of choice!” Said I,
Quite aloofly, to this monster of mine. They are it’s one
Weakness, they and sad country songs, so I’ve shown.
For with a handful of seeds and a few corny lines,
I’ve written this poem, given it a varnish to shine.
You may disapprove, even laugh at my quirks,
But at least I have them when Writer’s Block lurks.



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