Poetry Challenge Day 26

Hello all! For today’s poetry challenge, I had to do something I’ve never done before. In fact, I’d never even thought of doing it. But I must say… it was certainly a ton of fun. We were to gather a couple old magazines and take 10 minutes, flipping through and cutting out words or phrases that peaked our interest. After the 10 minutes, we had to take our clippings and form a cut-out poem. I am posting a picture of the finished work. I am also posting a transcript of the poem, as the picture was taken on my phone and is rather blurry.

Lost glory; a sudden threat…
You have the power
If you spark, taking the risk
Chances are what matters most will be free
Where he belongs.
Heartsick inferno is peaceful and relaxed
When night falls
Not a moment to spare. We’re under stress…
A change of heart
Therefore we are at risk.
Protect the harmony you wanted more than anything.
Recover. Thrive.



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