Poetry Challenge Day 27

Have you ever felt like a swarm of tracker jackers has crawled inside your head and built a nest inside it? Well, that’s about what I’ve felt like the last 2 days. But, I shall prevail! I am determined that this cold will not get me behind in school starting tomorrow. After all, if I can read Mockingjay in 2 days with it, I can do my geometry homework… right? I guess we’ll see…

Moving on. Today’s order of business is “The Poem I Would Never Write”. Yes, that’s right. Today’s challenge is to start with the title “The Poem I Would Never Write”… and then write that poem. Here goes nothing!

The poem I would never write
Has no meter, rhyme, or scheme.
It has no meaning whatsoever,
Not even stress relief.
I might as well just throw it out,
Or stop my pen from writing,
Because this poem makes no sense.
It’s like that little white ball of fluff
That sticks to the carpet no matter how long
The vacuum tries to suck it up.
It only comes up when you bend down
And grab it with your grimy fingers.
Or perhaps it’s as senseless as a
Brand new bud, opening to feel
The sun’s fresh, magnificent rays,
But before it can show its beauty full,
The senseless beetle comes to eat it away.
This poem is one I would never write,
because even if it’s beautiful in its
Own little way,
It has no meaning, no purpose,
So I might as well throw it all away.

Welp, that’s all the time I have for this tonight. I don’t care how sick I am, I intend on having a great last night of Spring Break with my brothers, whom I rarely get to say besides a quick goodnight hug nowadays. Perhaps we’ll even spend tonight like we did last night… One curled on either side of me, heads resting on my shoulders while I read The Hunger Games aloud to them as they occasionally turn their big eyes on me and raise their hands, begging the answer to a question. These are my favorite times with them… I which they never had to end. But I see them both growing up so quickly, and I know I myself will be headed off to college soon, so I’m desperate to enjoy as many nights like this as I can.



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