Poetry Challenge Day 28

Wow. What a day. First day back to school, near blizzard outside, and trying to read The Hunger Games to my brothers after I’ve completely lost my voice… the list goes on. However, today’s challenge was rather intriguing. We were to look through some online art galleries until we found a piece that inspired us, and then write a poem about it. Interestingly enough, the picture I picked actually turned out to be a bit of a foreshadowing of the weather tonight. The piece is called “Putting the Stallion in Some Mist” by Joseph Pfeifer.


(This photo belongs entirely to Joseph Pfeifer, and can be found at this link: http://www.josephpfeifer.com/?p=2097)

A thick, moist sheet of billowing white,
Shining, shimmering, in the moonlight,
Shifting, curling under some unseen force,
A heavy shroud, filled with remorse,
And yet so beautiful, in its own way,
My feet bounce through the glorious grey.
I know what’s waiting, hidden deep within,
I feel the warmth, break out in a grin.
Two puffs, like a dragon’s breath, break
From the mist, strands of white shake
From the neck of the beast. My own
Breath melds with the mist all around.
Two black eyes and silence, not a word, not a sound.
Time freezes between us, like the mist in the air,
Slowly curling its frosty fingers between our warm stare.
There are many phantasms seen in a mist,
All those fantastic things that don’t really exist.
But this one alone brings life to my soul,
A white horse that comes only when the clouds roll.



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