Poetry Challenge Day 30

Well, I made it! How? God only knows. But today, the final day, we were asked to spend time in reflection. We were to look back on the last 30 days, and write a poem in extended metaphor about our experience writing for this challenge. I have to finish quickly now, I have a long day planned tomorrow. But, I will post this tonight. I’ve worked too hard to remain consistent during this challenge to lose it on the last day.

Like a new bud sprouting forth,
I cautiously stepped forward,
Showing some promise,
But unsure of myself,
Doubting if the little courage
Hidden within my bloom was quite enough.
I struggled with the fear my that my words
May, like all my past attempts,
Not have the strength or brilliance to last.
But yet, I held some hope there too,
So I flourished my pen and  a long blank page,
And began at once anew.
The weather tried to freeze me out,
Keep me from finishing my task,
But I pushed ever onward,
Determined this time to last.
There were some days I thought
I wouldn’t make it through,
Days where inspiration was naught,
Or I was sick and had the flu.
But I knew if I kept writing each day,
No matter what tried to stop me,
That the chills would run away,
And at the end, I’d just feel free!
Today at last I have finished,
My task done, blossom in bloom,
My pen I have relinquished,
Ready to sleep, I will be soon.



2 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge Day 30

  1. Fantastic! It makes me think of “I have run the race, I have finished the course. . .” There’s nothing like building writing muscles. And in that vein, if you’re interested, I’m going to be posting Friday’s “Fantastic Friday” challenge for writers later today. Yes, I’m aware that it’s Saturday. I blame wibbly-wobbly-timey-whimey. And it’s leap year. ::nods:: I’m so blaming leap year.

    • Rattler says:

      Hahaha I’ll have to check it out! Although, do to an ever increasing level of insanity in my schedule, I think I’ll have to focus only on the Great Character Dilemmas for now. 😉 Alas, I can only dream of the day my schedule has time for writing in it! ::clutches hands to chest with dramatic flair and nods glumly::

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