Sleepwalker, Awaken!

What a busy couple weeks! Two articles for the Cardinal Chirp, a short story for the OHVA Creative Writing Club year-end Anthology, numerous tests, studying for finals, desperately trying to gather everything I need to finish my application for Post Secondary next semester, a couple dislocated ribs, a Student Council meeting, and final preparations for my Spring Dance this coming weekend have had me spinning like a top!

If truth be told, I should really be scrounging around for a pen and paper right now because I have geometry class in 8 minutes. But, I have a bit of a story to tell, and shall attempt to before my time is up.

Two nights ago, about 3:30am, my little brother stumbled into my room, slamming the door hard enough to wake me up. He then stood there, staring at me in the dark for nearly 2 minutes as I asked him “What are you doing? Why are you in here?” repeatedly. When my words had finally worked their way into his skull, he gave me a stuttering response that was about as far from what I expected as possible.

“I.. I just… I’m sorry I never brought you… I just need to… I.. I need to bring you the clay!” were his jumbled words. He then turned on his heel, walked off, and went back to bed. He was asleep the whole time! I shut my door and went back to bed, unsure how to respond to this strange (and rather funny) encounter. But the next morning, it had me thinking.

In everyday life, it is so easy to live like a sleepwalker. We ignore our surroundings, take for granted the little things. The everyday conversations, the special little moments, the breeze in the trees. We just go about our business, dulling our senses to these “ordinary miracles”. And as a Christian, I find myself sleepwalking in Christ. No moving forward, not soaking in new information, just… there. Lights are on, but nobody’s home.

When opportunities to share my faith come along, how common is it that I ignore them? I stumble around in this world of darkness, with unseeing eyes and unhearing ears. Where is the sense of that? It’s about as jumbled as my brother’s response! We have an awesome God, and if we love him as much as our hobbies or to-do list, why aren’t we speaking just as freely about Him? Why aren’t we sharing our passion with the world?

Now, my time is just about up. But let me leave you with a question, and a song.

How about you? Are you sleepwalking?



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