It’s Coming…

Well, my dear readers, you’ll be happy to know that I am, in fact, still living. I realize it’s been a week or two since I last posted thanks to a busy work schedule, finals week, and ACTs. However, I intend to make it up to you.
In the next few days, I intend to post a new character interview. This time, I will be risking life and limb in a locked room with my insane antagonist, Judas Kane Thernardier. Due to the tremendous number of questions that came in for him, it is likely his interview will be split into 2 separate posts for your convenience. I can tell you right now, it’s going to be a smashing time… And I only pray it won’t be my face receiving that smashing.
Now, as a prelude to this interview and to help my deprived and confused readers, I am including with this post a (relatively) short bio of this character. This is the same bio provided the infamous firing squad of scribes, who were kind enough to send in all their wonderful questions.

“Judas is around 18 or 19 years old. When he was 3, his father was killed in action, fighting for the U. S. Army. At the time, the well-to-do of Raven Falls had not yet been effected by the government’s increasing power, and believed the rebels were a nuisance. His father’s untimely demise forced he and his mother to move into a small townhouse, away from their beloved ranch. Just 2 years later, during a rebel riot, a couple unscrupulous rebels broke in, and after the most fearful day a five year old could possibly endure (including getting pistol-whipped hard enough to throw him back against the wall, leaving a permanent scar above his right eyebrow), he was forced to watch as his mother was brutally murdered. He was saved by army patrolmen who heard his scream for help. 
This incident filled him with an urgent need for revenge, even at that young age. He vowed he would never rest until every rebel was dead, unless death took him first. Fast forward to now, we find an insane maniac with a double personality, driven mad by revenge and the hauntings of the faces of those he’s murdered. He’s become a special undercover tool of the army, the best undercover they have. He’s single-handedly brought down 12 gangs in a row, and is on his next mission. Before the army recruited him, he spent his time learning all he could about rebel gangs while acting as a servant to the Leone family. 
This mission is extremely risky. He has history with both leaders of this rebel gang, of which they are currently unaware (though one has a bad feeling about him that hasn’t clicked yet). He also has history with one of its lower members, a messenger. A double agent, pretending to work as an undercover for the government in order to protect herself and her brother. (Basically, he fell for her thinking it was “safe”, since she was an undercover as well. He discovered she was a double agent only when she betrayed him and left him for dead.) As he plants himself within their ranks, he becomes very close to one of the leaders. While at first this is just a technique to gain trust and respect in the ranks, he eventually finds himself falling for her… Or at least, one half of his personality is. This fills him with self-loathing and confusion, and as the rebel army grows stronger, he’ll eventually have to make a choice. Fulfill his vengeful vow, or give in to love… If it really is love after all.”

I’m afraid that’s all I have the time for on this incredibly humid night. If you would like to submit a questionfor Jude,it’s not too late! Drop me a comment, and I will gladly pass it on.



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