Flattery, Fun, and Pain

Tonight will have to be a quick one, but I wanted to post a quick update on life in general.

The last weeks have been long ones, hot ones, but mostly good ones. I’ve fed a couple Country stars, interviewed Judas, worked my rear end off, taken care of my horse who has thrown three shoes in the last two weeks, worked my rear end off, started writing a new book, held the first summer chirp meeting, and much more. God has sustained me, even as I’ve healed (miraculously quickly) from a strange foot injury the last few days. Today, he brought me a great source of encouragement. One of my fellow writers and wonderful friends came to me for help with a character biography she was writing, as well as help titling one of her works. She then told me that she has stalked my blog for inspiration and ideas for a while now, which is one of the greatest compliments a writer can receive. This was a major lift to my spirits.

This weekend holds great promise of good times and memories. As I type, I am hanging with the always wonderful Reilly band, who is spending the next two nights with us. We’ve already had a fun night, eating, swimming, and quoting Brian Regan and Jim Gaffigan. The night holds ice cream, movies, laughter, coffee, and fellowship. Tomorrow we will embark fairly early for the ALIVE Festival, where they have two sets to play. I’ll be driving behind their band bus to the festival, watching their first set and hanging out for a little while afterwards (backstage of course), before driving my brothers and I back for work. They’ll be back to our house about 1am after playing the late cafe show, we’ll play some Rock Band and probably swim some more, and bid them farewell Saturday morning. Sunday, I will be hanging with some OHVA friends at my first Summer Outing. This will be an absolutely smashing time, especially with the voice-less RoboPrez making an appearance after ALSO hanging out at the ALIVE Festival. I’m hoping perhaps we’ll run into each other there as well.

So, all this to say that God is good. Life is hard at times, but it’s far better than I deserve. And though I may fail, His strength will always shine through me. I just have to live my life striving to glorify Him, and trusting in whatever He has next for me. How about you, precious readers? Has God been your stronghold in the last season of your life? What trials have you piggy-backed through on your Saviors shoulders lately?


2 thoughts on “Flattery, Fun, and Pain

  1. Closing the store where I worked (still have a job in another location) but it has been like dragging meat through shark infested waters that come up to my knees. Teeny little sharks (customers and problems) keep attacking. I am so freaking weary that I feel like I’m going to burst into tears any moment (but I don’t) It’s not enough to kill me but at this point, part of my non-rational mind, would like them to be BIGGER so at least I can say I CHEATED DEATH instead of “I soothed another upset customer”

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