What’s In a Name?

As most of my dear readers know, coming up with titles is not exactly my strong suite. I’m never happy with the titles I do come up with, and many of my works remain untitled until long after they’re completed. But, when you have five competing WIPs, even a tentative title is helpful. So, rather than writing last night like I’d planned, I spent a good hour or more brainstorming titles for my current WIP. Even after all that time, I came up with only a few titles that I didn’t feel like strangling myself over… and to my ears, they still sound rather cliche. So, I am providing a brief overview of this particular work’s theme, and begging on my hands and knees for input!

This project of mine is an allegory for Christianity. The main focus is on the unfailing grace and love of the Father, with themes of the blindness and slavery of fallen man and the inner conflict that takes place in a sinful heart when the seeds of the truth that leads to salvation have been planted woven in as well. You could say it’s a form of the parable of the Prodigal Son, written in Fantasy form. Other main elements of the story are deception and betrayal. In it’s simplest form, the story is about searching for truth/safety/solid ground.

The main title I have been rolling around is “Terra Firma: Seeking Truth”. I like the Latin phrase “Terra Firma” as a title because its meaning (firm/solid ground) ties in perfectly with the theme. I dislike it because I feel it gets used far too often. What do you think?


7 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. Amanda says:

    It does get used often, but that shouldn’t be your deciding factor. Does it fit you book? Does it make people want to know what your WIP is about? That matters.

  2. marvelousdiscovery says:

    The first thing that came to mind was: Return. (I am very into one-word titles, I think I have Amanda hooked on them too. Lol. 😉 )

  3. marvelousdiscovery says:

    Seek or Truth are cool too. I would be like: “Hmm . . . why did she title it Seek and then I would have to read the back cover and than I would have to read the first page. 🙂

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