God Is Good!

I’m back! And what an amazing time I had at Youth Camp. Absolutely amazing. God revealed Himself to all in so many ways, and touched so many hearts including mine. He gave me strength for the games, an epic team that meshed like a family, and spoke more clearly to me than ever before. Now that I’m home, I miss my wonderful team, the Whisketeers, the morning prayer on Quiet Hour Ledge, the games, the team devotions, the messages, the clapping in unison to try and get your table called first for food, the cheers, and yes, even the ninjas. Life, more than I’ve ever felt before after Youth Camp, just isn’t the same anymore. I am left speechless, in awe of my Savior and His grace and love and peace that surpass all understanding. How good our God is, how wonderful, amazing, and good. My praises will never cease to flow from my heart and lips. Because of deadlines with work, school, and writing coming up, I’ll have to stop gushing here, but suffice to say Youth Camp changed my life this year, and God’s presence was felt in my heart with as much intensity as the day I gave my life to Christ. My sins are crushing, but God’s grace is enough. Praise the LORD!


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