Hold Your Horses…

My dear, dear readers, I feel as though I’ve been neglecting you! I’m terribly sorry for how little I’ve been posting lately. I promise I am not lapsing back into my old bad habits! But, I beg patience of you for the coming months. I will be finishing Flesh and Blood: Hijacked, and I will continue to update as often as possible. It will just be more time between posts for the next couple months, as I have far too many metaphorical balls to keep rolling at the moment, and the list is continuing to grow.

However – big, huge, amazing, ginormous developments are coming. I am hoping to have a giant announcement coming soon, so stay tuned! If all goes well, I will have this announcement up by the end of next week, possibly sooner. The date is out of my control at this time, as I am waiting for a correspondent to get back to me before I can make it final and open to the public. I promise, once this has been posted, you will understand one of the reasons I am so busy right now, and I hope you will be able to catch on to my excitement!

Thank you for your time, your loyalty, and your patience! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you awesome people out there!


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