It’s here everyone! Insane things are starting! It’s the beginning of the end! And the end of the beginning! Watch out for mentally deranged writers this month. They’ll do anything for inspiration, and will most likely attack if provoked. Or, at the very least, write you into their novel as one of the victims. We are a crazy, sleep deprived, caffeinated, sleep deprived swarm.

Because I will be crazy busy this month with NaNo, school, church, Moose, and other things that are still on the down low (but I promise will be made public as soon as possible!), I have decided to try and post a short weblog update every night. They may not be pretty or coherent, and will mostly just contain updates on my word count, but it’s the best I can do. Don’t expect one every night, but I will do my best to stay consistent with them. I will also on occasion use them to update you on other big happenings. I will also periodically post snippets of my NaNo novel to keep you in the loop!

Below are my NaNo Announcement and First Night weblogs, to kick us off. Wish me luck, and good luck to all you other WriMos out there!


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