NaNoWriMo Day 7: The Big 11k

‘Twas NaNo day seven,

And all through the house,

Every creature was stirring,

Even David the louse.

Hannah was nearing the big 11k,

And everyone knew she would hit it today.

She stared and she typed, and made faces some more,

And David, her brother, was determined to keep score.

There was a slight pause in his constantly pesting,

When Hannah, with a flourish, silenced the protesting.

For there, in the corner of the page black and white,

Yes there they all saw that glorious sight.

“Word count 11,000” in letters big, black and bold,

Whereupon David shouted, “This celebration will forever be retold!”

Alright, my apologies. This is what happens when I’m word high. But I promise, I’m making up for it with an insane weblog tonight!

In addition, here’s a little photographic teaser for you. Tomorrow’s snippet will most likely revolve around this character, one whom I thought I knew from my last novel, but have come to realize I really know nothing about at all.


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