NaNoWriMo Day 9: Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Yes, this post is late. As is the following one. I am getting caught up today, after a long, fun-filled weekend. As I said in my videos early last week, this weekend was Barefoot Blue Jean Weekend, one of the two best weekends of senior year, and one of the best weekends of my life. Period. I saw so many of my friends at the dance, got tackle hugged so many times that my sides are shoulders are sore enough that it hurts to breath, slept over with the amazing Elizabeth Dresdow, watched the new James Bond movie, laughed until my sides were even more sore, and had a fantastic time. (And then, a knife flew out of nowhere!) I’m nearly paralyzed I’m so sore from all the dancing, tackling, hugging, and laughing, but it’s all worth it. That was a blast.

Now, because of how busy my weekend was – and the fact that I drove myself, so I couldn’t write during the 9 hours I was on the road – I was unable to write but 500 words over the weekend. I’m about 4,000 behind, and working on catching up today. I was also unable to do a weblog the night of the dance, NaNo Day 9. So, instead, I am posting a few videos from said wonderful dance.


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