NaNoWriMo Day 21: My Sincerest Apologies

I am so sorry I couldn’t post last night! Between being up until 3am researching and sketchy internet connection, I wasn’t able to post or even record my vlog. However, I will attempt to do a special video at some point in the future to make up for it, and I am posting a super special snippet tonight to say I’m sorry. Deal?

And a super special sneak peek. Normally, I would not post this much of a teaser! Enjoy!

At the next intersection, a flickering streetlight looms. I squint, hoping to catch a glimpse of them before they disappear again. Two forms appear, moving at a good clip. One stands about my height, with broad shoulders. He maintains a steady pace, but his gait is awkward, half stumbling. He holds his arm tight to his body as it hangs limply at his side. The other is much shorter, its head hardly reaching the other’s shoulders. It wears a cap over a slightly angular, almost fox-like face. Beneath its long coat, I can see thin, muscular arms and legs. The figure is smaller than most boys, but lithe and sturdy.

As they hit the light, the smaller one hesitates. It nearly stops, shuffling sideways beside the other one, who has blood dripping down his arm. His skin is a sickly pale, and even from here I can see how clammy his skin is.

“Ben, you’re hurt!” The smaller one cries softly, a bit taken aback. The tone to the voice is anything but masculine, and my eyes widen a bit. So small and young for a rebel… especially a female one. I take a mental note to be careful around her. They wouldn’t take one like that unless they were extremely impressive and passionate.

“I’m fine Jess. Don’t worry about it. We’ll loop back a couple of times, but I think we lost them.” The tall one says in a strong voice. Strong young thing, to talk like that with such an injury. I roll my own shoulder, the familiar ache reminding me of the pain.

I keep up with them, hoping to catch one last glimpse of their faces, or even find a hideout. My muscles strain, burning with the effort of such a long run. My lungs yell at me for my poor treatment of them. But as usual, I ignore them and push on, unwilling to be inconvenienced by such petty things. Fit ones, these are. Impressively so.

They cut around a corner, and as I turn it myself, I slam to a halt. The alley is empty, and not a sound is heard from their bare feet on the mud. I hold my breath, hoping to catch any sound at all, but there’s nothing here besides the gentle breeze whispering through the chinks of rotten house walls and the bright moon above. I stand another moment to catch my breath, knowing they’re long gone.

It’s amazing how they do that.


Vanish. Like ghosts, or a breath of vapor in the cold winter air. There one moment, gone the next.

More like worms. Born of dirt, hidden in mud and filth. That to which they will each return.

I shake my head, then turn and slowly head for home. I’ll get my clearance tomorrow. Then we’ll have only to wait until they bite again. If the rest of them are as impressive as those two… we’ll have a battle on our hands. One the likes of which this town has never seen.

But they will fall, just as the others have. Each and every one of them. They grow. We find them. They trust us. We help them. And then, when they’ve finally found their courage, we crush them. Not a trace left.

Still… I hate to see such magnificent beasts laid low. Like racehorses at their peek. Watching them work is beautiful.

But peeks only last so long. And then we run them to the ground. I’m glad you finally agree with me, brother. They’re a nuisance. We do the world a favor in getting rid of them.

I may be playing along, brother. I may see them as a pestilence on our land. But I will never agree with you. Not your methods. Not your cruelty. We agree only that they should not be here.


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