NaNoWriMo Day 24: Leftover Pie and a Total Word High

What a great day! It’s been snowing all day, and cold, but I’ve had obscene amounts of coffee and hot chocolate to help me through, plus my favorite hoodie and my hand-crocheted blanket with my horse’s name on it to snuggle up in. I went in to work this morning, made candied pecans and a few other things, then wrote for the better part of the day. I actually got to come home early and have another family night, watched Santa Clause, ate the last of the pie, and then just about went into a food coma after another hot chocolate. In my NaNo Novel alone, I’ve written 4,000 words today. Besides that, I’ve done some more editing, worked on an article for this month’s edition of The Cardinal Chirp, written a slam poem which – if all goes well – I’ll be performing at my first public gig on Tuesday, and worked on something else that must be kept top secret for a short while longer.

I hope you’re all doing just as well!

I have to say I am beyond proud of this. I didn’t think I’d hit 30,000 when I started this month. But now, barring disaster this week, it would be nearly impossible to stop me. I’m so excited, and I have a feeling I’m going to be word high for the rest of the week!

That dip that began on Day 8 was when I crushed my hand. I didn’t think it was possible to come back from that, not with my dance that weekend. But clearly, I was wrong.

Finally, a short snippet tonight. Judas is having some fun on the agility course!

“Sorry Charlie! Better luck next time!” He shouts, landing a foot in front of me at the finish line. I laugh breathlessly, slowing to a walk and gasping for air.

“What do you think you’re doing soldier? Keep it moving!” I glance over my shoulder to see Jordan storming up in a huff, hardly a bead of sweat on his brow even though he’s run every lap with us. I look to Jesse, sitting at the sideline watching, and she grins, waving me on. I shake my head in disgust and pick up my pace, running back to the starting point to begin the course again.

“You pansies think you’ll get away with those times? Keep it moving! We’re training an army, not pruning a flowerbed! Go! Go! Go!” Jordan keeps urging us forward, and I do my best to keep from collapsing in exhaustion. Jayden, I take it back. I love you man. I think to myself with a smirk. Our training was nothing compared to this. Not even old John Resnik was this hard!

When we hit the firing range, I stop to catch my breath before firing. I’m still in the lead. They stopped longer than I did, and now they’ve got to get their muscles moving again. Besides, it’ll take them each at least two rounds to get the cluster. I’ll be in and out in a second. It’s a welcome reprieve, but I walk in circles to stay limber. When I hear Jordan yelling at the boys coming in, I take up the rifle, quickly load it and blast five holes through the bull’s eye. Jordan waves me on, and I take off again, putting as much distance between myself and them as possible before the rope again.

By the time I reach the finish, I’m barely dragging along, every inch of my body hurting. When Jesse gives me a thumbs up, I step to the side of the finish, flopping down on my back and desperately pulling in air.

“You alright there, son?” A voice above me asks, a tint of humor to his voice.

“I’m… perfectly… fine.”



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