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“If I had no voice, if I had no tongue, I would dance for you like the rising sun.” -Colton Dixon, You Are



Have you ever wanted to be one of those uuber cool hippies that can say “Yeah, I read that before it got published”? Here’s your chance! I have a new story in the works, and I’m in need of BETA readers. Below you will find what that means, how to sign up, and a brief description of the book. But first, just look at the Main Character. You know you love that face. I’m normally quite reserved when it comes to my characters, and don’t get into them at all until I’ve been writing them for a while. In this case, I just started writing last night, and I’ve got all the feels. Every now and then, one stumbles upon a character that steps into their life, and refuses to leave. They’re something remarkable, something special. Something that you can’t help but get all warm and giggly over. Lucian has done this for me, and I hope he does for you too. Because he needs love.


What Does Being a BETA Reader Mean?

It’s quite simple, really. A BETA reader gets dibs on the first draft of a story, chapter by chapter, as it’s being written. They get to ask all the questions they wish of the writer, and see the book as it develops. In return, they are asked to give solid critique of the book, no matter how harsh. The purpose of BETA readers is to collect a response, and improve the book so that can meet it’s full potential. A BETA reader’s other responsibilities are being patient with the writer through busy seasons where not much writing will get done, to pester them if they’re procrastinating, and to be patient through the book’s rough patches. It’s the first draft… it will be riddled with grammatical errors, bumpy chapters, and dry spells. But, if you choose to take the task on, you’ll get to watch it as it gradually gets polished, until it shines.

I will be attempting to send out an update once or twice a week. These updates will vary in length, and will most likely not be constant due to a fluctuating school schedule. BETA readers are to delete the document from their computer after reading it, and should not share any of the work without approval.


How Do You Become a BETA Reader?

Simple! Send an email to with “BETA Reader” as the subject, and drop a quick note with your name and a brief explanation of why you’d like to BETA read for me. You may sign up at any time, the sooner the better. I will send you a confirmation within 24 hours, and you will be placed into my email list for this story.



The Story (Title TBA)

A heartless landlord thirsting for power. A band of knights, desperate to change their ranks in society. An oppressed people, torn apart beneath their tyrannical treatment. Betwixt them, a single factor stands his ground.

Lucian Cathasach, known as Deordhan amongst his contemporaries, belongs to Lord Sadach. Stripped of home, family, dignity, and voice, his skill with horses has helped him climb the ranks of slaves. Now one of Sadach’s knights, he’s forced to protect his master’s hard-won land and possessions while facing the scorn and contempt of his company.

With his heart set on defending the people, Lucian has become the protector without a defense. This is his story, told in the words he was never able to speak.



Danger in Those Eyes



This beautiful face is now looking at me from the first page of the new notebook I got last night.

Writers, you know what this means.

I’ve got a new story coming.

So, meet my main character.

He’s an indentured servant in medieval times, knight to a wealthy landlord.

He’s mute, trapped in a silent prison filled with painful memories of a tragic past.

He thirsts for justice, but has a merciful soul.

His name is Lucian.

And I can’t wait for him to continue revealing himself to me.

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been neglecting you here, and I feel bad for doing so. I’ve just been so busy over on my Breaking Shadows Project blog! So today, I am sharing a post from over there with you. There’s a huge contest going on right now. All you have to do is share a link! Check it out!

Happy New Year everyone!

The Breaking Shadows Project

Alright everyone, are you ready for this? It’s contest time, and anyone can participate!

To enter the contest, send your name to

The link to the fundraiser is
Facebook posts must tag Hannah Stewart (Author):
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To gain your points from a referral’s donation, email your name and theirs to with the subject “Referral Points”.
Best of luck to all of you, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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