Long time readers of Cross Country Gal may remember back some time ago, when I was a part of one of the marvelous Madison Louise’s blog tours for her book Shadows Future. Today, it is my absolute pleasure to bea part of another of her tours for her new book The Storm, available April 14th on Amazon! She’s asked me to read it and give a review for her, so here it is.


The Storm

Millicent Parker, and her two brothers, have been alive for over two centuries and counting.

Ever since a storm changed their lives, a storm that gave them powers to create storm elements, Millicent and her brothers have been through every war, trend and crisis throughout history since then.
When it’s time to come out of hiding yet again, Milli sets out to what she thinks will be yet another long three years of high school, another long school year without friends, another long life without Felix. 

But when Felix somehow appears at her new school after 282 years, Millicent is excited, confused, and heartbroken. Felix doesn’t want her anymore, his attention is focused on his new girlfriend. 

Then, something strange happens…Millicent finds out that her and her brothers aren’t the only ones with storm powers.

Felix Walter can control thunder.

But when disaster strikes, taking everything, and everyone she’s ever loved and cared about. Will Millicent fight back? Or will she give into the people who took everything from her?

This beautifully crafted story about Millicent, her brothers, Felix, and the many strange – or sometimes simply normal – challenges they face is my favorite from Madison Louise so far. The story line is fast and gripping, and kept me reading until the wee hours of the morning. Her entire cast of characters is well developed, and they come alive through her words. Each character is very different, facing struggles of their own as they attempt to cope with the long-winded task of merely living. She provides beautiful insights into the human mind, allowing us a glimpse of what it would be like to have to live forever, striving to feel normal. In truth, it’s a beautiful testimony to the importance of human life, and the power behind love. Beyond the plot and characters, Madison Louise showed brilliance in her portrayal of different time periods. It’s clear she researched this work thoroughly, and she’s brought the ages back to life in this wonderful tale.

I highly recommend this book for anyone in the YA sphere. It surprised me with its eloquence, like a breath of fresh air, just as Madison always seems to do. Check it out, give it a read, and tell us what you think!


One thought on “THE STORM Blog Tour

  1. Nice review. Thanks for participating!

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