MONSTER Release, Amazon Blitz, Storm the Shelves!


It’s here! Mirriam Neal’s fabulous new release, Monster, has stormed the shelves!

I have had the incredible pleasure of seeing this fantastic story develop from the very beginning, and have been jumping up and down with Mirriam all morning. My words cannot do this book justice, so I’ll have to let it speak for itself. I haven’t enjoyed a read like this in a very long time, nor have I ever been so content to let the heart many say I don’t have be crushed into tiny little brittle shards.

Now, it’s not very often that I ask my readers for favors, but today I am making an exception. This amazing young lady has worked so hard to make this book release possible, and she is more deserving of this than nearly anyone I’ve ever met. Myself and a number of others have been doing our best to support her in this, and today we want to help her ratings on Amazon soar. So we are asking everyone we know to please consider supporting her today and purchasing a copy of Monster. The more copies she sells, the higher her rating will climb, and the more attention she’ll get. So lets storm the shelves, and give this remarkable woman the best Amazon Blitz the web has ever seen! You can find Monster by clicking on her remarkable cover above.


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