Those Rapscallions!

The stench of deja vu is heavy in the air today, perforated only by the agonized cries of this writer, lamenting the accursed blessing of world building and character discovery. And yes, it truly is that dramatic.

A little over a week ago on The Breaking Shadows Project, I spoke of the numerous unfathomable ways inspiration can strike. New, exciting worlds, gripping plots, and intriguing characters are everywhere, and can spring at any time – even in the middle of prepping 36 racks of raw ribs to cook, as was the case for the Breaking Shadows Series. However, these random inspirations that jump out and forcibly drag you down their dark alley and into their world without a thought for your safety or that of your readers tend to be unique to a single person. Inspiration is nearly always different for everyone, and rarely will the exact same idea spring upon two people at once. That was my experience, anyways, until about three days ago.

At that time, I was merely minding my own business, chatting with my Plotbunny, Caitlin, about life as I relaxed during my lunch break at work. Little did either of us know that our already crammed minds were about to encounter a whole new world together. About midway through our conversation, held over Facebook chat, we simultaneously had that EUREKA! moment that can only mean one thing. We’d struck literary gold. But this time, this time it wasn’t different for both parties. Caitlin and I have been affectionately (or perhaps not so much when we’re acting the villainous Moffat, as we oft do) deemed “Brain Twins” by our writer friends, and the saying has never proved itself more true. In precisely the same moment, without any urging, and with very, very little to do with the current topic of discussion, we both found ourselves transported into a new story, something strange and new, something the likes of which we had never seen before. And wonder of wonders, it was the same story. The only difference between our two visions was the main character, and from that moment, a precious brainchild of a story was born. A story lost somewhere between ethereality and darkness, filled with characters we’ve already fallen in love with – though not a single word but plot points has yet been penned. So today, for your pleasure, Caitlin has given me the privilege of displaying, for the first time, the main characters and synopsis of our all new novel, Torn.

Caitlin’s character, Nero.

For thousands of years, the fae of the Order of Ionraic have acted as the silent watchers of mankind. This special race, known – or, rather, unknown – as Faireoir, has walked unnoticed among humans from the time of the fall, ordained to keep them from harm. The lucky few to have seen them call them guardian angels, mistaking their winged forms as the heavenly creatures. While the title may be misleading, there is one similarity between these beings. Like angels, they too can fall.

Nero, one such Faireoir, has roamed the earth for centuries, acting as a mercenary of other fallens in a quest to redeem himself of his grave mistake. His struggle against insanity, guilt, and a loathing of what he has become reach a new high when a certain Faireoir from his past life appears… but not as the unmarked beauty she once was. With a strange darkness creeping up through their race, the two of them will have to work together – but in order to join forces, they’ll have to stop hunting each other.

Torn (c) 2013

My character, Kyna.


2 thoughts on “Those Rapscallions!

  1. Maria LaMotte says:

    Loving it!!! 😀 I have one if those people too who writing wise is a lot like me and often referred to as twins and we’ve tried joint writing stuff too, the only problem being the way we write is extremely different! They’re so fun tho! I’d love to see where this goes! I really hope y’all finish and then publish it! That would be awesome!!

    • CCDragonKissedFiendishRattler says:

      I hope so too! Our writing style is a little different, but since we’re covering different perspectives, we’re allowed to have a different tone. 😀

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