Just Squawking

“They’re so beautiful!”


“The birds! Little black spots blinking in the sunset, all red and orange and blazing. It must be amazing up there, the wind in your feathers, the sun ahead, a world below you like a living map. That would be wonderful, don’t you think?”

I blink, lick my dry, cracked lips. Darkness, that familiar shroud, pulls me close. Her voice, an excited, romantic lilt, melds with the distant honking until I struggle to distinguish them. It feels like she’s distant too, and I’m alone again. It’s just a bunch of squawking to me. Nothing but squawking. 


Everything Falling

The prodigal blogger returns! I pledge no oaths that I will gain the promised consistency, as life is still entirely crazy on every level – but now that Twelfth Night has come to an end (oh, such a bittersweet moment for us all!), I am attempting to set aside time to continue my Extreme Flash Fiction series. When production photos are released, I intend to devote a post to the play, the fabulous cast, and the amazing experience it was, but for now, I pray you are content with the next installment of this personal writing challenge of mine.

Skies turn dark. The wind chimes sing, the glass panes rattle at every violent gust. A screen door slaps the outer wall with constant, rusty, shuddering thuds. Thunder peels like a big bass drum. Crystalline drops patter, louder, louder, growing, pounding. Jagged whiteness shatters the shroud, slicing, shredding my darkness, there and gone again, but the rain keeps falling… everything is falling. 

I Know, I Know

For shame, for shame! My word has been laid in the dust, it would seem.

Last week, I promised to post a little something nearly every day – but since then, life has become even more crazy than before. Between midterms and rehearsals for Twelfth Night next week, I haven’t had a solitary moment to myself. It’s been action non-stop from 7:30am until whenever I collapse at night, and I’m speaking in the most literal of terms. I think I still have ink on my face from falling asleep on my homework at some point early this morning.

I intend to return to my extreme flash fiction series as soon as possible, but regrettably must once more hold off until life is under control to a reasonable extent again.