Summer Heat: Meet the Cast

Folks, it’s about that time again. I’ve spent the month with my new, shiny characters from Summer Heat (available to read here) and can now say I know them well enough for another Interesting Introduction. So, without further ado, the cast of Summer Heat, presented by Disney (and Disney-esque) songs encompassing the essence of their characters. It may not be your typical introduction, but I bet you’ll get a pretty good feel for each of these characters after listening in.


Main character of Summer Heat, Immy is a Winter being. She is loving and loyal, and fighting to save her family – no matter the cost.


Teague is a friend (and sometimes antagonist) to Immy. He came in at just the right time to help her, and seems to know quite a bit about her past. His own history is a mystery, but glimpses of kindness behind his sarcastic, hardened shell give us an idea of what he may really be like.


Immy’s adoptive father and leader of the Fall clan that has raised her. He’s a loving man, willing to do anything it takes to protect his family.


Shona is married to Bebai. She’s a wonderful mother, not opposed to tough love, but is always there to pick her children up when they fall down. Everyone respects her, and she is fiercely protective of her clan. (Disclaimer: I selected this song because it fit her very well, but obviously she is not the manipulative villain Mother Gothel was.)


Caryn is Immy’s best friend and adopted sister. They’ve grown up together, and they would do anything for each other.


Alister is Bebai and Shona’s only child by blood, and therefore will one day be the leader of their Fall clan. He’s quiet and distant much of the time, jealousy having driven a stake between he and his adopted sisters, but he has his moments. He loves them both dearly even if he won’t show it, and like Bebai, would do anything to protect them.

Prince Carrick

Prince Carrick, heir to the Winter throne and thorn in Immy’s side. Ever since she and Teague accidentally saved his rear end from the fire warriors, he can’t seem to take his eyes off of her. His help is invaluable, but Immy would much rather kick him in the shins and wash her hands of him.


The Fire Warriors

Led by Rourke, the most powerful fire warrior in the Summer Kingdom’s army, these rapscallions cause all kinds of trouble. Less a unified enemy, more a raging mass of wild teenagers that can control flames and cackle like a murder (of crows). As of yet, they are mostly a faceless enemy, but that will soon change – especially now that Immy’s got a highly personal bone to pick with them.


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