Breaking Shadows Project


“Rains will flood the earth,
Fires burn the hearth,
Blood be spilled like wine,
I’ll lose what once was mine,
But flowers still will grow,
Light burst through shadow,
So child rest tonight,
My child, sleep tonight.”

Raven Falls is a dark place, a harsh place filled with destruction. But from the shadows, a revolution is rising. In a torn country lead by a corrupted, militaristic government, fear pervades every nook, every crack. It fills every broken heart, and chases the hopes and dreams from the people. But in the midst of it all, Jesse and her brother have taken a stand. Just two kids, they’ll have to rebuild their parents’ army if they ever hope to justify their deaths. A battle is coming, whether they’re ready or not. Their only hope is to be BOLD.

Breaking Shadows: Bold is my debut novel, 5 years in the making. It is now available here, on Amazon, and in the Barnes & Noble NOOK store. It is the first in the 4 book Breaking Shadows series, and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

I ask that you would help promote this project to your friends and family, and help me gain support by mentioning Bold on your Facebook, Twitter, blog, and other forms of social media. I am always willing to take part in interviews, which can be requested at Let’s get the word out!

For more information and to follow me in the publication process, check out the all new Breaking Shadows Project blog! Thank you all for your time and support, everyone. Words truly cannot express how much it means to me!


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