Dancing On Air

…Or, more appropriately, sitting on hair. Haha

Yesterday I got to ride my horse. But this wasn’t just any ride… this was the best ride EVER! = D

I lunged him using the rope method for about 10 minutes, then tacked him up. I worked him for about 35-45 minutes under saddle with draw reigns, and he was STUNNING!

I could not believe how good he was! But it wasn’t just his good direction that I was happy with. He actually did better his BAD way than his GOOD way! We were really working the walk-trot on a bunch of figure-8’s and 20-30 meter circles, and he did GREAT. I decided to end our work there, on a good note. But he was a bit hot still, so I took off his saddle, locked us up in the bulpen, hopped up, and rode him bareback. He was just awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I trotted a couple circles on him! I was SO HAPPY with that horse. I stayed on for probably 20 MINUTES BAREBACK, and just before getting off I took a bit of video. Then I stayed for about 5 minutes more taking pictures of him. Today I took the pics and video and put them to music. So here is the vid!

Thats it for today!




Here is the wild ride video I promised you!(I also added my latest show video.)

It is also posted on google under : Silver/Bliss AOA 2008 on google video.

(Keep in mind, my mother was scared out of her mind.)