“Injustice” Cross Country Gal

“Injustice is the sharpest pain,
the cruelest fate,
the grueling, tearing, test of faith,
the aching, burning, fatal bane.

Beneath the surface of love and care,
is a churning, mourning, chaotic mess,
that’s caused by the curse of so long ago,
and makes you wonder if anyone is really there?

A rose, a beautiful, awesome, majestic rose,
a pure and hopeful bud about to burst,
but inside is the hidden beetle, eating them alive,
it is injustice, and fear of all the known unknowns.

You are alone,
to mourn your own
unspoken fear of destiny.

Then comes He, the one been slain,
the One betrayed by those He came to save,
the One who suffered injustice’s unspoken agonies,
the One I run to in my pain
so he can set me free again.”


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