“Love’s Sweet Pull” Rattler

These hands I tried so hard to fill,

Once more emptied hold pain still,

And with tears my eyes are full,

Humbled, hungry, to my knees I fall.


But how to trust some deity,

Whose will has bereaved me,

Of all the things I used to be,

The beauty that I used to see,

The life, the love, the days pain-free?


Oh to feel your arms again,

Wrapped tightly ’bout me as a friend,

That love, that closeness so cherished,

In this heartache feeling banished.


But my lying heart your truth can’t hide,

My God, you never left my side,

You were with me every time I cried,

Heard my pleas each time I sighed,

Brought me in when your existence I denied.


How could it take so much to see?

Your great love, how rich it makes me!

Had my hands remained synthetically full,

Never could they have taken yours, or felt your love’s sweet pull.


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