“Me, Myself, and I” Cross Country Gal

“Me myself and I.

Or myself, I, and me.

No, I, me and myself.

No, none.

Only me.

No me.

No me!

What are you all doing here?

It’s my head.

No mine.

No, mine!

Where did you come from?

What do you mean?

I am you!

No, you are me!

I am me, there is no one else!

But I am here!

And so am I!

What is going on?

I don’t know.

I do!

Well then what is it?

You’re crazy as a loon.

Well, If I am, you must be too.

Fine, then myself, me, and I are crazy.

No, just me.

Just myself.

Just I.

But I thought I was I!

Well, so did I.


This makes no sense!

Where did my pancakes go?

What pancakes?


I thought they were myself’s.

Well, now their I’s.

Wait, what? We are one, there is no I or myself, only me.

Then what about us?

You are me!

No, I’m myself.

And I’m I.

No, It’s just Me, Myself, and I.

Which is all me.

Then what are we?

You are me.

But where did we come from?

Who knows?

You already said it, I’m a loon.

Maybe myself and I came from,

Well, me and my brain.

But who’s this brain person?


I must be dumber than I thought.


And on that note, I bid thee adiu,

For I would not want to rub off on you.

Or me, myself, or I.”


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