Editing and Tutoring


Editing is done in MS Word using the track changes and comment tool unless other arrangements are requested.


$0.75 per 100 words
$0.50 per 100 after the first 1,000
$0.25 per 100 after the first 3,000
Discussed case-by-case after the first 6,000. 


Copyediting finds and corrects grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and style, while proofreading checks for consistency across the document. This is a service offered for all forms of writing. Students find it helpful for papers, particularly long final works. My notes will not only explain why changes were made in layman’s terms, but also help customers learn to find mistakes on their own.

Stylistic Editing: 

Focuses on clarifying meaning, smoothing language, and improving flow. This step takes a document from correct, to polished and easy to read, without altering the voice of the writer. This is a service offered for all forms of writing. My notes will not only explain why changes were made in layman’s terms, but also help customers learn to find mistakes on their own.


Tutoring can be conducted through email or Skype. Residents of the Akron area may request face to face sessions, but must be flexible with scheduling. I accept students from middle school and beyond.


Worked out on a case-by-case basis, depending on student needs, time required, and the student’s preferred focus.

Reading and Comprehension:

I will work with the student through a custom curriculum suited to their age and tastes, focusing on their particular needs. For younger students, this may be improving reading speed and flow through short reading exercises used alongside regular quizzes for improving comprehension, while older students may focus on learning to take good notes and dig deeper into the text.

Academic Writing:

During the school year, I will help students with all points of the writing process. This spans from brainstorming possible topics, to guiding research and outlining, and includes conducting both forms of editing above while teaching the student what to look for. The end goal is that students will feel comfortable with handling the process on their own. Over breaks, I will work with the student to create a curriculum focused on their weaker areas, discussing the different forms of academic writing and assigning papers of varying length to check the student’s progress. These sessions can be a lot of fun, as the student is given more freedom in their range of topics, and can write about what they are interested in.

Creative Writing:

From beginners to those looking for an extra pair of eyes on their projects, this service is designed to help students along the way. For those just starting to wrestle their paper tigers, I offer classes designed to cover every step of the writing process, from first brainstorming to final draft. Students will work in their genre of interest, creating their own short stories and learning how to develop their voice, stories, worlds, and characters. For those with writing experience looking to bring their work to a more professional level or expand their knowledge of the process, I give a more in depth look at the process, focused on strengthening the student’s unique voice and understanding of their art.


In the writing world, there are a handful of definitions for the term “plotbunny.” A plotbunny may be a villainous creature that digs holes in your plot, it may be a wild and hard to catch new idea, or it may be someone like me – a partner in crime. This service is for students who already have an idea for their manuscript who want to take it all the way. I will help bounce ideas in the brainstorming process, and guide the student through the perils of writing, rewriting, editing, and even seeking publication. This service is not designed to take over the student’s project, but to help them every step of the way, working in tandem with their own writing styles and preferences to make their work the best that it can be, and keeping the customer safe in the dog-eat-dog world of publishing.

Group Workshops:

Group writing and reading workshops can be conducted online or in person, though in person is preferable.
Reading workshops typically meet once a week for a set period of time, allowing a group of students to read and discuss novels together with an aim on engaging students in comprehension and thinking. Reading is meant to be an involved process, a conversation, and group workshops are the perfect atmosphere to start in. Each meeting will spend time in free discussion and in focused questions on the work to encourage comprehension and deep thinking.
Writing workshops are usually one-time events, but can be treated like the reading workshops if desired. Each workshop is different, according to the students present. Workshops are best suited for groups of individuals interested in the same style or genre of writing, but it is not necessary. A typical writing workshop will involve either a) students working on separate short projects based on a single prompt, which they will then bring to a small group for a brief session of editing and revising before sharing it with the large group, or b) a group of students working together off a single prompt to create one written piece to edit and enjoy. Other options are available upon request.

Contact Information:

If you are interested in any of the services listed above, please contact me, Hannah Stewart, at hms55@zips.uakron.edu. I can answer any questions you may have and work with you to select the services most helpful to you. Payments can be taken through PayPal, cash, or personal check. I am more than willing to discuss prices, and any service you may need that is not listed may be available upon request.

About Me:

As a poor college student with a horse to feed, I have decided to once again offer my services as a tutor and editor. I am an English major at the University of Akron with two published books and various other small publications and awards. I have over 6 years of experience both editing and working with students on various projects, and anything I don’t know, I am willing to learn. My knowledge encompasses both academic and creative writing, with recent forays into professional writing as well. I always strive to make every customer happy, and do my best to work with your schedule.


8 thoughts on “Editing and Tutoring

  1. […] around here long enough will have noticed the recent addition to Cross Country Gal – the new Editing and Tutoringpage. What does this have to do with helping out the frantic, red ink bleeding writers out there? […]

  2. missbw11 says:

    I have been searching for an editing service from someone I trusted for a very long time. I’ve read Hannah’s work on her Wattpad account, and instantly fell in love with her writing style. When she offered a promotional editing service for 1,000 words in exchange for a review, I immediately grabbed it up.
    I sent her my WIP on a Saturday, and received an edited copy the next day! When I opened it up, I was pleased to see my document splashed with many colorful highlights with comments both positive and constructive. Hannah explained to me not only when I should adjust a sentence but why I should make the adjustment. She let me know what my bad habits are, so I can work on those areas and look for those patterns in the rest of my work. She also let me know when a part of my writing really worked. It was refreshing to get both sides of the spectrum – something I don’t often see.
    I will definitely be submitting more work to her in the near future, as her editing skills are exactly what I’ve been looking for. If you’re struggling with a current work in progress, and know that there’s something wrong but just can’t put your finger on it, look no further! This is the perfect opportunity to get expert advice with some great feedback.

  3. Jillian says:

    I’m always nervous to send someone my writing, but after reading Hannah’s feedback, I learned I had no reason to be anxious. She truly has a gift for editing, and she is super sensitive to the writer’s feelings. Hannah pointed out mistakes I never would have seen on my own. Not only did she give me specific comments on diction and sentence structure, but she also wrote general comments on the piece as a whole. I’m so grateful for Hannah’s editing, and I know that my writing will improve because of her comments. If you need an editor for any project, I highly suggest hiring Hannah.

  4. Alexa says:

    Hannah’s feedback was extremely helpful. She pointed out problems in the manuscript that I’d never noticed before, and I really think it will improve thanks to her edits. Thank you so much for your help, Hannah!

  5. Emma says:

    Hannah gives wonderful feedback. She provided a clear critique that really helped me see areas where my writing is strong as well as where it can improve, and she helped me feel that improvement is totally possible. She’s nice and direct all at once, a valuable skill in an editor. Thank you Hannah!

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